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If you have tubes or tires to donate please follow the guidelines below and mail your duds to:

PO Box 5132 Santa Cruz, CA 95063

If you are not 100% satisfied with your Totally Tubular Product we want to know. We work very hard to make a great product, but we are not perfect! Because everything is made by Lauren's hands mistakes do happen, but we are happy to fix them. If you feel your bag or accessory needs a repair please email with a description of the problem, when and where you purchased the product, and include a picture of what needs fixing. We'll email you back ASAP and form a plan of attack to fix your Totally Tubular product!"

Product Guarantee

*Please include your name and email address on a piece of paper. Every time you donate your name will go in a drawing to win a cool Totally Tubular Prize! We will pick a new winner every month and will contact you if you win through your email and post it to our Facebook page.  We will never empty the names so you'll continue to have a chance to win. Thank you for keeping trash out of our landfills!

Mountain bike inner tubes

Kevlar or folding bead road tires

Kevlar or folding bead cyclocross tires

Tubular Road or ‘Cross Tires

Motorcycle inner tubes

Old car upholstery scraps


Wire bead tires

Road tubes

Slime tubes

Thorn resistant tubes

Car/truck/motorcycle tires


Santa Cruz Locals

Contact to schedule a pick up.